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We are a network of expert software architects with decades of practical experience in software projects.

Our main goal is to help software architects deliver their software projects on time and on budget, and deal with ever-changing requirements.

Are you looking for techniques to treat one or multiple symptoms on your project, such as

  • being micromanaged by management
  • constantly high-stress levels due to too much work
  • having problems meeting unrealistic deadlines
  • being overrun by costs or not having enough resources
  • never-ending refactoring and quality issues
  • drowning in support tickets
  • no definition for success or ways to measure it

Keep reading if two or three of the above symptoms apply! It’s worth it!

The treatment

Firstly, prevention is better than cure. It's possible to prevent most symptoms before the first line of code has been written.

Secondly, if your system design doesn't address your core use cases or the project isn't designed, it's set up to fail before it even has started.

Applicable techniques 

We will provide you with universally applicable engineering techniques that will be valuable throughout your entire career.

You can apply these techniques to fix your ongoing projects and set up your new projects properly.

Key elements

  1. If you do not care, why should anybody else care?
  2. Ensure high quality on your projects to avoid experiencing the above symptoms.
  3. Take ownership of your projects and responsibility for these issues. 

We are aware that it isn't done overnight. And that it requires determination and constant practice to put the following techniques into practice.

We are just one click away.

The essentials

You are probably an experienced software engineer who intuitively grasps how your software project is doing. That’s why we’ll skip writing clean code, presuming you know how to spot and correct quality issues in the implementation.

Also, don't expect software topics like DDD, Agile, TDD, CQRS, Event-sourcing, Kafka, Kubernetes, etc.

If that's the case, you'll find plenty of resources on google.

Useful engineering techniques

Imagine you bought new furniture from IKEA, packed everything into your car, and drove home. After you open the box, there is no manual. 

In the end, you'll probably figure out how to assemble your BILLY. But how often will you choose the wrong order and have to dismantle and try again?

Wouldn't it be enormously more effective if the furniture designer provided you with the manual, including all the components?

Not even the component list is clearly defined on many software projects.

Why? Because it requires the ability to master system design, which enables decomposing a system into its components and validation against the core use cases. 

Followed by leading the development process with your team based on the design.

Next, think about how to assemble the system most effectively, which requires mastering project design. 

There are countless ways of building a system, but many are impossible. Find the right options using different costs/schedules and risk trade-offs in accordance with the business.

In combination, system and project design are essential skills to lead your projects to success.

System and project design are timeless and technology-agnostic engineering techniques. Battle-proven for decades on real-world projects, they provide value for the rest of your career.

The strategy session – what can you expect from us?

  • We assess your current project situation and discuss where you want to go with your project.
  • You will receive practical advice on how to improve your most pressing issues.
  • In addition, you will receive free resources to dive deep into the engineering techniques.

What do we expect from you?

Invest your time and persistence to cause positive change.

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